Reversible Black/White Insulin Pump Band-Running Band

Reversible Black/White Insulin Pump Band-Running Band

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Our bands are made of spandex fabric have a built in pocket for your insulin pump or phone.  Bands are a great way to be able to keep items close to your body with easy access.  

Bands work great with insulin pumps and can be worn underneath clothing.  For the serious runner they also work great to hold fast acting sugar, or iPod.  

Bands are also great for wearing over various devices as they help secure, pods etc to the area.

To determine size measure the area that you wish to wear the band in then order accordingly.

Disclaimer:    PJ Creations is not responsible for how our pump bands are used.   When wearing any medical device you should consult with your medical provider on proper care and usage.  PJ Creations is simply providing a product. 

Your purchase of this product acknowledges and releases PJ Creations from any liability.